Friday, January 6, 2012

101 Reasons why I LOVE you!

It was the hub's bday and he had already bought himself a bluray player.  Now it was up to me to come up with a cheap gift for him to open ON his bday.  I took an idea I found on Pinterest and ran with it.  You can find it here at The Dating Divas.  I love their site for creative and often cheap ways to show your hubby you appreciate him.  And come to find out, one of my friends from middle and high school is a contributor.  There are a few others I recognize from high school as well.  Go Alta alumni!

Anyway, back to my gift...It only cost about $25 only because I bought Pysch S5 which was still on sale for $15.  Anyway, he loved it and it gave me a little time to reflect on how much I really love him.  He is so important to me and keeps me from going insane.

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