Monday, January 30, 2012

It's a girl

My friend is having a girl and we threw her a baby shower to celebrate.  Since I have tons of girl things that I want to make and all the supplies but little motivation, I felt this baby shower would give me the kick in the pants I need to get 'er dun.

I found a really cute onesie on etsy that I wanted to recreate.  But when I bought the 6-9 month onesies, they were for my now 14 month old.  I am a total procrastinator but it doesn't stop me from still using them. 

I REALLY wanted to do a pink onesie with pink ruffles and so I dyed them in some RIT fabric dye.  Well, there's a first for everything and this one did NOT go well.  I seem to be overly confident on some things and this was one of them.  I didn't let the dye powder dissolve all the way before I put my fabric in so there are dark spots all over the 2 onesies I dyed.  Thank goodness I only did 2 because I was still able to use the other 3 from the package.  I did also throw in a strip of a blue shirt I don't wear anymore to see if it'd dye it pink or purple.  And that's what I used for the ruffles on this onesie.  It also had some dark spots but they aren't as noticeable. 
(I found a tutorial on fabric dying and would recommend it even though I screwed mine up.  It was still helpful to have more than just the directions on the box.)
Then I made a flower to go with it.  It's pretty basic.  I followed the tutorial here minus attaching it to a hat.  

This one I made with fabric scraps and it was pretty easy.  There's not a tutorial on how to make it but the idea came from this video and she gives you the basic instructions.

This one I also copied from one on etsy, I think from the same shop too.  Not too hard to figure out.  I just made sure to put fray check on it.

And the flower was found on this tutorial.  I think it's super cute.  My flower is smaller since it's for a little head.  I think I went .5 in smaller than the measurements the tutorial gives.

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